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We are Oven Cleaning Solutions Made Simple

We provide our services to both domestic and commercial clients across the whole of: Hampshire, Somerset, West sussex and Dorset.  Hampshire locations include; Southampton, Portsmouth, and the New forest.  West sussex locations includes Chichester and Worthing.  Somerset locations include; Crewkwern, Bridport, Bradpole, Beaminster.  Dorset locations include; Weymouth and Dorchester.

Our commercial clients include:

  • Beals Estate agents
  • Local community centres
  • Numerous Pubs and restaurants
  • Various schools across Hampshire

Have you ever wondered how your oven should be cleaned when completed by a professional?

Firstly we remove everything that can come out of the appliance. The side racks and shelves are removed along with the back panel and fan. These are all put into our industrial dip tank outside to soak and get rid of all traces of grease and burnt on food that has built up on your shelves and panels, whilst the inside of your oven is thoroughly cleaned by hand by the qualified cleaner.

We will then take off the door and split it into 2 sections. This will allow us to clean all 4 sides of the glass removing all the marks and burnt on food that you cannot reach from just cleaning both sides of the oven door. Next is a step which not every oven cleaner does! We remove all fittings on the front of the oven ensuring that they are all cleaned individually. This allows us to get to the grease, dirt and food that has built up behind them. Ensuring for a thorough clean!

Lastly, the inside of your oven is cleaned. Once completed, we will return to the dip tank to collect your panels and racks. The qualified cleaned will then put them all back into your spotless oven before finishing off with a polish to put that sparkle back into your appliance.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee.  So you can feel safe knowing you will get the service you deserve.  Stop putting of the inevitable and book today!

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